Dove Creek
by: Paula Marie Coomer

A woman’s journey from Kentucky origins to nurse and healer on a Northwest Indian reservation

Dove Creek is a wise, eloquent, fiercely honest fictional chronicle of a young woman’s venturesome journey from her bare-bones Kentucky background to an Indian reservation in the Pacific Northwest. She finds a new life as a much-loved healer—a blonde, female, hillbilly shaman who happens also to be a nurse for the Indian Health Service.

“Paula Marie Coomer writes like a house afire, and her richly variegated novel deserves a prominent place in the literature of the modern American west.”
—Ed McClanahan, author of Famous People I Have Known, and O the Clear Moment

“Dove Creek is a beautifully wrought novel which tells a tender story of a woman who loved and learned the lessons of the heart from the men and women she nursed on the Nez Perce and Coeur d’Alene reservations of northern Idaho.”
—Mary Clearman Blew, author of All But the Waltz and Balsamroot

“The split-second decisions that alter our lives, the ancient rituals that save us—in Paula Coomer’s Dove Creek, self-destruction and dogged erserverance come together in a novel of intimacy that crosses the boundaries of culture and time. We don’t have enough female quest stories, but this is one of them— lyrical in its language, vivid in its detail, important in its observations of the chaos and confusion that come when a young woman lets go of her identity and strikes out on her own perilous journey of self-discovery.
—Kim Barnes, author of A Country Called Home

About Author:

A two-time Pushcart Prize nominee, Paula Coomer is the author of the short story collection Summer of Government Cheese (2007) and the poetry collection Devil at the Crossroads (2006).  Her fiction, poetry, and non-fiction have appeared in dozens of literary journals and anthologies. Ms. Coomer teaches English at Washington State University.

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