Paging Dr. Leff
Pride, Patriotism, and Protest
by: Gabriel Constans

How did a young patriotic kid from Brooklyn, end up as a captain in the air force on an air base in Thailand, only to discover that the military he respected was illegally bombing villagers in Laos, discriminating against black soldiers and stacking the deck against corpsmen coming clean with the truth of their experience? Why did President Nixon later appoint this man to work in his administration under John Erlichman? Paging Doctor Leff: Pride, Patriotism and Protest is the biography of an idealistic boy from New York who joined the civil air patrol for God and country and never looked back. Dr. Arnie Leff has fought many wars, overseas and at home. He stood up to his superiors during Viet Nam; worked for the White House to evaluate and create drug treatment programs; and has pulled no punches with his often-controversial opinions about drugs, euthanasia, health care, and medical marijuana.

About Author:

Gabriel’s previous books include Buddha’s Wife (Rockway Press), Beyond One’s Own (Xempler Press); Great American Smoothies (Avery/Penguin) and Luscious Chocolate Smoothies (Libertary), and several others. (For a full list see’s written commentaries, essays and feature articles for magazines and newspapers such as – USA Today, Mothering, Christian Science Monitor, Yoga Journal, New York Herald, Cream, Go World Travel, This is American Soccer, San Francisco Chronicle, Listen, Men’s Edge and Common Ties. His short stories can be seen in the Los Angeles Journal, Winspan/Japan Airlines, Omega, Enigma, and the Roswell Literary Review. The film Stellina Blue is presently in post-production at Fly High Films and is based on a story by Mr. Constans. Other passions in Gabriel’s life (besides writing and his family of 5) are raising funds for the children at El Shaddai Orphan Project in Kigali, Rwanda. For father information about Gabriel and El Shaddai, see:

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