The Forecast Fatale
Bart Steele, Business Detective
by: Brian Schlosser

Techniques for sales professionals—plus a rollicking noir mystery starring business detective Bart Steele


His presentations can make a CFO weep. His ties outshine a Pacific island sunset. He rescues careers and deciphers forecasts. Sales professionals adore him. Competition loathes him. Brewmasters covet his praise. Can he save United Software and still get the girl? He is…Bart Steele, business detective.


Author Brian Schlosser, a veteran CEO and sales manager, distilled this entertaining story from years of practical experience with real world challenges. It will give you a new outlook on what it means to be a professional in the world of sales, covering ground like how to forecast effectively, how and when to discount, how to improve prospecting by phone and a host of other important topics. This is a must-read for all sales professionals from beginning novices to seasoned experts who want to improve their skills and boost their careers.

Praise for the book:

“Brian has combined Magnum, P.I., with Dale Carnegie and made it work in a story about life in enterprise sales. Funny and poignant—well done!”— Mike Dusche, sales executive formerly with IBM and Microsoft

“This is one book on sales that’s FUN to read AND makes relevant points for any sales professional, novice to experienced. Why get mired down in unrealistic complexities when there’s a story to read that sticks with you long after some trick or tactic fades away? —-Jeff Rogers, Founder of OneAccord Partners,, DoinGood

“I laughed. I cried. I sold two hundred and fifty grand worth of software.” —Bob Pinkerton, founder, Management 3.0, entrepreneur, investor, and start-up consultant

About Author:

Brian Schlosser is only 73% as grouchy as his picture.  He is a software executive. From time to time he consults with companies facing various turn-around and growth issues. Brian’s interest in company growth developed during his time as CEO of Attenex Corporation and CEO and founder of  InterImage Inc. Brian also served in leadership roles at ImageTag, Motiva, FileNET, DatStat and Imagechoice. Unsurprisingly, the topic of growth came up at these companies too

Brian lives in Sammamish, Washington with his wife Denise and daughters Kristen and Erin. He cooks, wood carves, and follows his family around when they let him. Brian spends his free time sleeping or staring blankly into space.

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