How to make your writing appeal to the highest common denominator
by: Brian McDonald

How stories reveal the essence of our humanity and how authors can infuse their writing with universal appeal

Author Brian McDonald shows how sharing stories is essential to human survival and how stories that get at fundamental truth help us share our deepest commonalities


“Brian McDonald is one of the world’s wisest teachers of the elements that create great storytelling….If you a writer in any genre, read The Golden Theme. If you are a non-writing reader who just loves stories, read it. If you are a teacher, share it with your students. And give it to friends, who will thank you for the clarity Brian McDonald so generously brings to our lives.”

From the forward by  Dr. Charles Johnson, National Book Award winner for Missle Passage

About Author:

Author of Invisible Ink: A Practical Guide to Building Stories that Resonate, the widely-acclaimed guidebook for writers, and sought after instructor and consultant, Brian McDonald has taught his story seminar at PIXAR, DISNEY FEATURE ANIMATION and George Lucas’ ILM. His award-winning short film WHITE FACE has run on HBO and Cinemax and is used in corporations nation-wide as a diversity-training tool.

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